Crew wanted

Here is an extract of the major points in the crewing agreement:

Declaration :
I do not have any illegal drugs or weapons in my possession and will immediately inform the skipper if I become aware of any onboard, or anyone trying to bring such items aboard. I will declare, By written statement on the back of this agreement, details of any conviction, in any country, for involvement with illegal drugs and or weapons. I will not carry any packages for any third party on the yacht without first requesting permission from the skipper. I accept that the skipper may change his plans and will not hold him responsible for getting me to the original destination, should that not be reached by the boat. I have convinced myself that both the yacht and her skipper are properly equipped and prepared for the voyage planned. I am aware that there are risks that I may face in this voyage and take full responsibility for my decision to join. I hereby agree that I will not hold the skipper responsible for any accident, injury or damage that may happen to myself or my belongings while aboard. I will make myself familiar with the location and operation of all safety equipment aboard the yacht.
As crew, I will seek to learn all aspects of seamanship by reading appropriate books and manuals aboard and by asking help from the skipper. The responsibility is fully mine to learn and to ask to be taught any skills I need for the safe operation of the yacht. I will inform the skipper of any problems that I am aware of that may effect the safe operation of the yacht. If there is anything happening onboard about which I feel uncomfortable, I will discuss it with the skipper as soon as possible in order to avoid irreversible resentments that may spoil the atmosphere on the cruise. The skipper is held responsible for bailing me out of trouble if I transgress local laws and customs. I agree to fully reimburse any costs incurred and to compensate him for time lost for every day of delay my actions may cause. I take full responsibility for any requirements and costs to my entry and exit in countries to be visited by the boat. I agree to share all work aboard and obey all orders given to me, relating to the safe conduct of he boat at all times.
End extract.