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Sailing crew and yacht crew wanted
Sailing crew and yacht crew wanted
crew wanted crew wanted

Hello sailor

Looks like this year's voyaging is out of the question due to COVID-19 and the current closure of most Pacific ports of entree.

For biosecurity measures for yachts worlwide.

For technical downloads
Aus to NZ weather info
click the links to the left.

Currently the boat is in Tauranga NZ for maintenance

For place availability for the next voyage, please email the skipper.

Sailing is a great way to travel, wind in the sails, gliding through the water, watching dolphins on the bow, having a race with the boat.
This will be adventure like no other and the more you're prepared to put in, the more you'll get out.

Some details about the boat

The boat is a 38' Van de stadt, a steel monohull, cutter rig with a full yankee headsail and a staysail as well as mainsail, storm jib and spinnaker and spare sails.
She is called Pendragon has US registry.
For navigation a laptop based chartplotter is in use.
She also has a heavy duty AWA autopilot which takes the load off the watch captain.
There is built in redundancy in several of the systems including, paper charts sextant and tables, 5 IBM laptops, GPS (4 fixed and 2 handheld) and 3 VHF radios with AIS capability.
2 navigation tablets with AIS reception.
We have an SSB/Ham radio long distance radio also with AIS and weather fax capability.
We also have WiFi for navigation
AIS Transponder.
406MHz Epirb.
To view AIS in action(View live)

we have all the safety gear (life-raft, life jackets, flares etc.) required for a voyage through any open ocean around the world.
We carry 600 liters of diesel, 750 liters water + a water-maker, 2 x 20 liters of water on deck in containers for emergencies.
For power generation, in addition to 2 alternators, we have 320W of solar panels and a 300W wind generator.
3 large capacity house and engine start batteries.
I have owned her since Aug 1995 and have sailed in excess of 34,000 NM offshore.

Anchored at Gold Coast Australia 2014.

She is a cruising yacht that is being lived on and is used all year round.


The crew have their own twin-share cabin (two single bunks).
Any reasonasbly fit and healthy non smoking persons are invited to join.
I take on crew, but not passengers, as actual passengers cause major problems with insurance etc.

What to bring

You would need to bring your own snorkel gear, some wet weather gear of sort, LED torch, personal hygene kit, first-aid kit, Water-proof zip lock bags for your valuables, sleeping bag, sewing kit, warm clothing etc. (it gets surprisingly cold while on watch at night, even in the tropics)
Above all bring practical gear.

Bare foot and back-packs are the norm.
Do not forget shampoo that lathers in salt water; in general the cheapest shampoo will do a pretty reasonable job.
Soap bars are of no use in salt water.
Bed linen, some snorkeling and fishing gear are on board.
As far as costs go, so far we have been averaging a bit less that US$160 a week per person.
So I'd count on US$160 a week just to be on the safe side, with the costs.
That includes all food and any diesel we use for the boat.
Customs and quarantine charges are split among all on board.
I'm conservative with the motor, preferring to sail as much as possible.

If you need medication, bring sufficient for at least twice the time you plan to spend on board........
In remote areas, there is no corner-store.

The following depends on our cruising area:

You are responsible for stuff like: tetanus/yellow fever injections (If in doubt consult you medical practitioner) malaria tablets, antiseptics, paracetamol, vitamin/iron tablets, etc.
The boat carries a comprehensive medical kit, but you will be asked to replace what you use.

SMILE. yacht crew wanted
Because your life is about to change.......

+++++Remember, there's no corner store+++++

Just some notes

A couple of rules...there's no smoking at all on board at any time....and as a safety precaution there is no alcohol consumption while underway, when at anchor or off the boat this is no problem.
Crewing agreements are standard on most offshore cruising yachts.
The intention of an agreement is to anticipate problems that might occur while on board and thus avoid them.
It is designed to protect both the owner and crew.
It states for example: that you do NOT bring any illegal drugs and or fire-arms on board, nor carry packages for third parties.
You will need to sign this agreement, before we set sail.

Before we clear customs, you will need an outward bound air travel ticket from our destination country or carry sufficient cash. You also may need an entry-visa.
I have the boat and pay for any maintenance issues etc. as well as my share of food.
You pay for the following.... Your airfare to and from the boat wherever you join/depart the boat.
Your part of the food costs etc, as mentioned above and any immigration costs etc. and for any alcohol you might want to drink.
Any of your own shoreside costs e.g. hotel, drinks, restaurant dinners etc.

A boat is not a democracy. You have to be prepared to follow direction of the captain without discussion. You can have your say about it later.

Here are the three infallible rules I learned from an old Salt:
1. NEVER be late for a watch. Never. Seriously. Never.
2. Keep all your stuff in one place - your bunk - don't leave books, socks and stuff all over the place. In a small space like a boat, it will drive everyone mad.
3. Don't be selfish. If you're making a cup of coffee or a sandwich, ask if anyone else would like one as well. (It's about crew morale, yes, but it's also about maximizing resources - if you're turning on the propane or opening the fridge, you might as well be heating the kettle or making sandies for 3 people rather than just one).

You will be expected to be a part of the crew in all respects, taking watches, sailing the boat, turns with cooking and cleaning up day to day stuff....just as you would in a roommate situation on shore, as well as having a great time sailing and snorkeling and eating freshly caught fish and so on.

What you get is return is a chance at an extensive offshore voyage with all the sailing experience and skills involved...and enough sea miles to qualify for almost any Capt's license.

sailing crew wanted sailing crew wanted sailing crew wanted Crew selection is on a first come first serve basis.
sailing crew wanted sailing crew wanted sailing crew wanted Needless to say, privacy on any yacht is at a premium and nudity is not uncommon while washing/showering or sun bathing etc.
This applies to both sexes and can be troublesome if not fully confronted.
If you've got any "hang-ups" about either, ask and clear the air or don't join a yacht.
sailing crew wanted sailing crew wanted sailing crew wanted If you can't live without TV, hot showers and microwaves then this might not be the trip for you.
sailing crew wanted sailing crew wanted sailing crew wanted If some of the above don't suit you, do you think you can adapt?


Sailing yachts are dependent on wind direction and strength, hence there can be no guarantee that we will reach our intended destination on time or even get there.
Sometimes equipment breaks down and causes unexpected delays.
If time and destination are important to you, maybe you better fly there.
Yachts can not run to schedule and the ultimate destination decision, taking into account: safety of the ship, weather conditions etc., is at the discretion of the skipper.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you did not do, than by the things you did do.
So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor.
Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover.....

Mark Twain

Live AIS data in Singapore

ais on the cheap
The above chart shows live shipping in Singapore.
Putting the mouse on one of the ships, shows their name, speed and course.
Double clicking brings up the ships details with photos.
To zoom in/out click on the + or -
(The chart is updated every 2 minutes or so, with data supplied by

We have AIS onboard.

And last but not least

sailing crew wanted Remember that the boat represents a large investment to the owner - as crew, please treat her with respect.

sailing crew wanted As romanticized as sailing may be, you will find discomfort, fear and a hankering for terra firma at times.
This will be offset by finding personal strength in challenging your surroundings, overcoming fears and, perhaps, falling hopelessly in love with the sea, it's shores and our fragile, beautiful world....of which we only have one....

No animals or humans were harmed during the making of this website.

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